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@TechTarget The 4 stages of a customer journey #DigitalTransformation

From Techtarget 

"There are important requirements to map customer journeys effectively.

  1. Focus on customer perspective. The journey map needs to focus on how a customer experiences interactions, not how the company perceives those experiences.
  2. Account for customer segments. Account for the fact that different customer segments experience products, brands and services differently.
  3. Research your maps. Use tools such as customer analytics to develop your maps to best reflect your constituencies and their likely behavior.
  4. Ensure that maps reflect all touch points. Maps must reflect all potential communication points through which customers want to connect with companies: email, text, websites, social media platforms and so on. Maps must also reflect different sequences for these maps, in which customers take different paths.

When designing a customer journey map, there's no set protocol, but there are guidelines for it, including that it should be visually appealing, comprehensive and understandable. Typical customer journey maps include infographics, diagrams and timelines. Multimedia has also been used for customer journey maps, including videos and storyboards.

The information included on the map should have both statistical and anecdotal insight and should be customer-facing."

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